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We believe that every child has the right . ".

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Nov 17, 2014:
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Dec 06, 2014:
Since this campaign started many things have happened ".

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Dec 01, 2014:
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Dec 06, 2014:
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Riverside centre
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Welcome To

Hackbridge Safety First 

Latest News

Hear Tracey Collins interview on Radio St Helier 



Our campaign leader Tracey Collins meets Ed Miliband and Glenda Jackson,

When she was invited to attend the Labour Party local heroes reception.


Picture showing Tracey Collins with Ed Milliband

Tracey Collins (far left)


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Our Aim

To make Hackbridge a safe place for everyone;

Including children, older people and those with a physical disability and/or sensory impairment. 

To have safe formal crossings replaced.


• Courtesy Crossings – the removal of the 3 courtesy crossings that are nearest to the Roundel. They pose a risk to both pedestrians and drivers as they are too close to the junction.